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04 March 2012 @ 12:09 am
double kill ヽ(`д´)ノ!  

I finally got my A-levels grades back, and I did really, really, really unexpectedly well! I managed to snag 4A's for Literature, Math, General Paper and gasp, Art! Yes, "Sub Rosa" got an A! /sobs
I was bottoming my art class for prelims and my predicted grade was something around C, so I was really demoralised and wasn't expecting anything so encouraging. ; v ; I think I even wound up scowling at my civics teacher in an attempt to give a neutral, unafraid, emotionless face, so much that he looked at my grades and said, "what's with that face" lmao. Oh dear, I'm really bad at nerves, even when I'm not really that nervous. ;;;

On the not-so-cool side, I got a B for Economics buuu, though I suppose it's a huge improvement from the subpass during prelims rofl. Unexpectedly, I also got a Distinction for H3 Art which kills me dead because I always thought I was stupid at the contemporary art world and its issues.

Oh I can either thank the British or thank the great ol' Bell Curve God, I'm just glad everything turned out okay. But most of all, I'm really really thankful for my grades in Art - it's almost like I'm finally getting the green light from some divine being out there that it's okay, it's okay that I want to pursue art! Even if I'm lacking in experience and left struggling when pushed headfirst in deep waters. Somehow, I can still surface to breathe and realise that everything is going to be alright. Now, I intend to apply for some government scholarships and I'm really hoping that they'll be able to help me out with my university fees. The going is gonna be real tough financially, both in the case of studying abroad or locally, and I hope to help my family out as much as possible, since they're finally rather supportive of my unconventional career choice. :">
Literature is also one of my greatest loves, so I'm so utterly glad I did well in it as well. That intense six weeks of studying after coursework was over paid off, both for my art comrade van and myself. uuu life is awesome.

I went out with my art class for Korean barbeque after results collection to celebrate! I've never had anything like it and omg it was so heavenly.

rofl my blog is becoming some kind of gourmet noms journal, please bear with me! B-but what can I say, it was really delicious. ; u ; I'm not the sort of person who enjoys Korean food generally - I can't seem to enjoy kimchi-containing dishes despite trying so many times - so this was really different! (・∀・) I could also delude myself into thinking that I could cook okay who am I kidding.

More surprises, I also recently received the acceptance email from the Illustration faculty of the School of Visual Arts in New York! Not one of my top school choices, but it's extremely heartening to know ~someone~ wants me! I don't know what possessed them to make such a decision, but it's so cool I just can't. I even have a school account and everything ahaha, I tried logging in for kicks and I felt all grown-up and all. /lame ヽ(´―`)ノ

To celebrate for both wins, I ordered the NO.6 TOI8 ARTBOOK ASDF;ALKSDJF oh goodness I've been lusting after it for so long it's rather scary. To avoid the delivery charges and meet the minimum order, I went ahead to order a Kimi to Boku artbook too! I-I just know this artbook addiction is going to be fatal to my wallet and I. ;;; but I'm too much of a visual animal. orz rofl I'm usually such a miser to myself, but when I finally do treat myself, I think I go a little out of hand. (laughs)


On another note, a few days before results release, I went to Benita's house with a few friends the other day to burn stress by eating sushi and doing random stuff (skateboarding, I realised, is something I seriously want to learn). We played these small dolls called Sylvanian, with all these tiny dollhouses, and teacups, bedcovers, pens, everything and I really liked them! We made morbid stories of them and obsessively arranged every accessory in an orderly fashion... then knocked them over when our characters got drunk and got into fights and such. It was wonderful, and pretty much an imagination junkie's heaven!

Mama bunny visiting papa bunny though in reality there was domestic violence involved.

Just a dinosaur playing a piano, no biggie.

A Teletubbian (that's a religious cult, okay) altar in the central room of the house.
one must bow twice on the mat in front of the idols, eat a banana, and cut himself with
the (miniature) scissors placed under the mat. Σ(゜д゜|||)

I hope you haven't decided to defriend me from my stupidity yet. HAHA oh dear. m ( _ _ )m
I do realise that I'm starting to regress into these small childhood indulgences that I missed out on in the past! It's the perfect sort of subtle escapism that I need once in a while.
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b e l ♛: heartbeats / one at a timeciette on March 3rd, 2012 04:22 pm (UTC)
omg, i never knew they were that expensive!! my friend had the entire house set and there were hundreds of parts and now that i think about it, accumulating all of them must have cost a bomb!

it totally is. * q * are you experienced in that area? tbh, i've eaten very little korean food, ever, hahaha! this must be changed~

THANK YOU SARAH BB ♥!! it feels surreal * A *!!
[★i slipped on my slippers]: Chrome // within reachceasefire on March 4th, 2012 03:12 am (UTC)
LOL I wish I could afford them again! I loved the ones I had as a kid to bits... literally orz. It could also be expensive coz the only place that really sells them here are specialty hobby stores now...

I am very experienced in that area, lol. And in hot pots. I really love Korean food. And Japanese food. And Chinese food. As long as it's not too spicy.

No problem! I know you'll do awesomely ♥
b e l ♛ciette on March 4th, 2012 02:10 pm (UTC)
LOL oh dear XDD you really did play them to the end of their lifespan didn't you! man, i remember i going over to my friend's house to play them when i was really really young, and the head fell off. now that i've heard how expensive they are, i'm hoping that wasn't my fault OTL!

woah dude, you sound more experienced than me though i'm asian! /shame i really like japanese food as well, i think it's sufficiently mild for me, but not too mild. have you ever had thai food? tom yum is spicy but it's deliciously so!
[★i slipped on my slippers]: DinoHiba // nom nom nom :3ceasefire on March 4th, 2012 02:14 pm (UTC)
I did indeed XD LOL sometimes they come off, but I think they can just pop back on?

Pfffft there's just a whole lot of Asian food/grocery places around here coz so many students come here for uni from Japan and Korea. c: I haven't... I'm really bad even with a low level of spice though ^^;