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06 December 2011 @ 04:21 pm
stream of consciousness  
Hello, it's been a long time! This is the me who has pretty much turned hikikomori and socially stupid after months of hanging out with my best buddies, my studies. I was trying to emulate my O-levels determination where I hardly touched any form of recreation at all, so I banned sites involving most social media, k-pop, tumblr and all that jazz but of course it just had to backfire. (´;ω;`) I wound up creating a weheartit and last.fm, so do add me if you have an account there too! After I revamped my flavors recently, I realised now I have more useless sites added to the list then ever, whut. I must admit I overindulge in impracticalities a little too much...

My writing has started to become rather rusty, and I'm back to that phase where I feel a little uncomfortable talking about myself - time to change that and journal more often again. Here's some things I've been up to!

1. had an awesome birthday
I managed to pull out some time to celebrate with joel, who bears the same birthday with me, along with my cute tree, kome, this year. I have brought a lot of trouble to you guys this year with my problematic personality and my persistent vulnerability to illnesses, I'm really really sorry. Thanks for staying with me even so, I love you guys. ❤ On two other occasions, I also met up with a few secondary school classmates who have never forgotten me even despite very brief contact over the past two years because of our hectic lifestyles. For that, I'm unendingly thankful too.(≧v≦●)

We went to a Japanese sweets and desserts buffet (and also where I swore to bring cindy to if she ever comes to Singapore!), and I still can't get enough of it! It's a small, quaint place which serves a free flow of sweets and desserts, but also odd Western dishes like takoyaki pastaaaaa. Man that tasted good. If I don't make it as an artist, I'm so going to become a food photographer. (。✧‿✧。)

2. completed my art coursework, and with that
3. had my senior end-of-year art exhibition

thumbnails of my digital painting series, "Sub Rosa"

Ah, coursework; my first real school-based art project and hence, biggest achievement, but also my hugest shame. This year has been horrible - due to my ineptitude to progress in the right direction for my coursework, I spent a good deal of months stagnating, limiting myself by repeatedly by imposing my own assumptions about art class onto myself. "Art must look realistic", "art must take reference in everything" - I had so many opportunities to utilise my imagination (which is also where my love for art really is), but I ran away from it instead. By the time I caught up, it was already June, and I had wasted too much time trying to keep afloat rather than going forwards. At many times I simply couldn't imagine myself completing the work at all.

But somehow, with (a little too) many tears and plenty of (both metaphorical and literal) blood, I did. The day of submission brought some lingering emptiness and disappointment - not that I had time to hold onto that; almost immediately after was hitting the books. While the rest of the school had months to prepare, I only had a month, and it was a do-or-die on the actual exam itself. In addition to my most traumatising prelim exams' grades (which I had no time to study for), the most hopeless feeling overcame me, like I had hit rock bottom but didn't have enough time to surface for a breath. I'm so glad it's over.

I'm still not happy with my coursework outcome. I frequently have to consciously quell that feeling of self-disgust and tides of dispiritedness. The art exhibition was an ego-booster - I honestly cannot describe how exhilarating it is for people to be curious about your work. I'm still uncomfortable about public speaking, but this was different. After all those months of self-accusation, this made it worth it. This is another facet of art which I've never experienced while I was still secretly doodling animu characters just two years back, and I'm just starting to fall in love with.

My biggest dilemma to taking art as a subject was growing to hate it when I couldn't meet with standards, or if it became an obligation - I'm glad this never happened. I'm planning to apply an art university next year, and hopefully, this will hold true even then. (❀◡‿◡。)

On a more frivolous note: well okay, blood was only shed because I was chopping tape and, quite miraculously, missed while setting up my paintings, but still. Also, after some research on the paper my paintings should be printed on, my teacher and I decided to settle for Hahnemuhle Museum Etching paper, which is 100+$ per A2 piece, no kidding. And seeing as I had six paintings... I was standing in its midst after set up and feeling utterly overwhelmed. Of course, the cost was covered by the school, hur hur. ε(๑◕ ω ◕๑)з

4. completed my A's and SATs
Another of the most horrific experiences - most of the days before my papers were spent tossing and turning, victim to insomnia and nightmares, and while a few papers were slightly satisfying, most were pure torture. Even now, I'm getting nightmares about scenarios where I couldn't finish my H3 Art paper. (shivers)
But after some introspection, the exams were definitely not as painful as its preparation, where the waiting came without an end in sight.

aaaand on a more trivial note, 5. fandommmmm
Remember how I said I isolated myself from k-pop? Well not as planned, I got back into animanga (which I naively thought I wouldn't get addicted to again), when it seems that most people I know have moved on from. It's kind of sad to be keyboard-smashing all alone, y'know. (๑◕︵◕๑) Anyone who happens to be into Reborn, Nabari no Ou, Gintama, please raise your hands... excitedly.
But one thing I realised after two years, was that... my tastes have changed a lot. I mean, Gintoki suddenly seems a lot more attractive compared to my impression of him as the useless oyaji I thought he was before. Hibari who seemed pretty overrated suddenly does have some charm - which only goes to show that my younger sister probably has had a more mature taste than myself, oops. But hey, I'm growing up! My interest no longer solely lies in cute little boy characters with shorts and high socks anymore! orz

I think my update could be pretty much summed up in: tl;dr, I tried my best and most probably failed in all areas. But it's okay, it's only been about three days of freedom and I'm kicking it off like a boss with eight-hour The Sims 3 sessions and movies and... not eating because I put on some weight during the exams, damn. But I could sure get used to this. \m/(︶ε︶メ)\m/
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b e l ♛: iyaaaaan / gin-san is so embarrassed!ciette on December 6th, 2011 10:23 am (UTC)
HI HI CHESS ♥ a;sdlfjkasdf aaaaa you pamper with your praises too much ; A ; words like these never fail to motivate me even when I'm feeling totally crappy about my art. I'M GLAD I HAVE YOU TO COME BACK TO ♥

HEHEHE YESSS JAPANESE DESSERTS ARE * q * MY LOVELY YOU HAVE TO TRY THEM ONE DAY I really hope they have similar outlets where you live!!
(Deleted comment)
(no subject) - ciette on December 23rd, 2011 11:09 pm (UTC) (Expand)
tricia: to become one ☁ miscyoursubtext on December 6th, 2011 11:12 am (UTC)

1. omgggg those look sinful!!! Pictures of food don't normally make me salivate but yours do... tell me what this magical place is called and where it is, please!

2&3. your artwork is breathtaking. i actually got goosebumps looking at these — and these are just thumbnails! i was literally sucked into a different world both haunting and beautiful and i want to know exactly what was going through your mind when you conceived these pieces. i've had the great privilege of watching you grow over the past two years — as a person, in confidence, in intellect, as an artist, in love... ahhh, to know that you are still the same person i love and do silly things with yet can be all srs bsnss with — it's amazing to know that someone like you is my friend :') ♥

you deserve all the confetti canons and celebratory cakes in the world! \0/ i'm sure that dissatisfied feeling will toil over — you gave it your all, and your journey was unique to you, and thus special. i feel a little lonely thinking about you guys going off to uni next year already while i have another year of poly to go (but i'll get like, 2 years' advanced standing when i graduate anyway lol) but i'm so excited for each one of you all the same. don't forget about me, cheering you on in the corner, okay? ^^

5. ....i still read animanga orz. As tempting as you make the kpop fandom look, i can never get into that ;A; also, i don't think we have any more animanga interests in common LOL.

btw my friend has a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL giant poster of g-dragon and top she's looking to get rid of fresh from korea! i thought of you immediately when i saw it. you interested? :p
b e l ♛: iyaaaaan / gin-san is so embarrassed!ciette on December 6th, 2011 02:03 pm (UTC)
I LOVE YOU TOO ♥ gosh my heart feels like it's going to burst just reading your comment, I must hug you nowwwww well okay fine, after your school. ; A ; HAHA LAND OF PORN I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. So true, dude. More than a month there? She'll come back a changed person.

HAHAHA THANK YOU, I'm glad my photos managed to bring that across!! I'm semi-regretting taking pictures now because I'm getting a huge craving as well. (๑◕︵◕๑) The place is Let's Sweets at Bugis Junction. Lunch hour there is the best because they keep replacing all the food with piping hot new ones. * A *

A;SDLFAJKSF aaaa you're killing me ; A ; I'm so glad it had that effect, really really glad! At the end of it, when I stared at my work, I felt extremely unsatisfied because the work just looked plain boring to me despite the knowledge that I spent a long time on it. Thank you for your kind words ♥ but you know, son, it wouldn't have been possible without your precious words of encouragement that you've consistently offered me all this time! With them I've become a braver person - likewise, I'm so glad I have you! :"> ♥

CAKEEEE except I put on so much weight during the mugging period I'd feel guilty aaaaa. Yes, your advance standing is definitely worth it! Don't worry dear, good things come to people who wait ♥ I remember feeling the same way when I saw classmates going off to NJC in sec 2 because of their IP program... though I'm now glad I didn't came to the temptation. I'll never forget about you, let's keep in contact whatever happens! Distance won't get in our way ♥

I kinda know what you mean. ; A ; up till today, I honestly still find shipping people irl hard to digest - though I have to admit I've more than given in to that and stopped caring so much. OTL what have you been reading/watching lately? /curious

!!! WAIT! WHY DOES SHE WANT TO GET RID OF IT! I-I MEAN! I'd gladly have it! In fact, please give it to me! a;ldjfalskdfjasdf /shameless
tricia: avalanche of books ☁ miscyoursubtext on December 6th, 2011 02:23 pm (UTC)

OOOOH OKAY thanks! :D I'm gonna check it out soon too! I think I'd be too hungry to restrain myself for some photos though lol. And pfsh, your photos are ten times better than the ones on that blog!

:') AWW I TEARED UP AT THAT ONE. i think, as artists/designers/writers, we will never be satisfied with our work so i can't accuse you of being ridiculous for thinking that way lol. but ya know, if you were still in mgs and you came up with pieces like these... they'd probably haul you over to the counselor's office lol.

DISTANCE IS NOTHING ♥ WHAT. I DON'T BELIEVE YOU PUT ON WEIGHT :T don't you tend to starve yourself during exam period? TSK TSK.

hmm, i haven't been watching anything since Tiger & Bunny a few months back... and before that the last i watched was Michiko to Hatchin (nearly two or three years ago! lol), which was really enjoyable but i lost track of where i was and just stopped watching completely hahaha. but i'm always regularly updated on the manga front. i still read Naruto, One Piece, Bakuman, D.Gray-Man, and a hell lot of shoujo comics...... yeah ;;;

lol well... "get rid of it" translates to she got it for free in korea, her sister wants it but her mom won't let her have it because she already has too many posters, and so my friend intends to sell the poster because it's so nice lol. want me to ask how much she's selling it for? ^^
tricia: profile ☁ inceptionyoursubtext on December 6th, 2011 02:26 pm (UTC)
btw i also wanted to say this — i recently realised that your "sub rosa" is the pictorial depiction of the exact kind of books i love to read: poignant, terrifyingly, beautifully human with a dose of surreality (because what's the point in reading books if the lives they depict occur in the same realm as ours?)
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printedapplesprintedapples on December 6th, 2011 04:42 pm (UTC)
HARO HARO MY NAPO CHAN dob dob dob dobbykins~!
In hindsight we can analyse how those lovely desserts have contributed to our current physical states, harhar. OTL;;;;;;

LOL I AM BACK INTO.. MANGA FANDOM but as of now it is only for X and Silverspoon and Kuroshitsuji.

haha i think its quite interesting how i suck so badly about talking about my work even though i have the extrovert image and you talk so confidently about yours while you have the introvert image XD

b e l ♛: smile / it's been a long nightciette on December 7th, 2011 01:55 pm (UTC)
HARO HARO MY DEAREST RICE TREE KOME KOME KOME! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN? Have you started work already? aaaaaaaa
... that is very true. D: I remember us so close to being unable to walk home because omg we ate so much that day. How was your eating fest with Sherlyn? XD Sushi?

THAT'S A GOOD START! Kuroshitsuji! I haven't started reading it yet, though I've been intending to for such a long time. I foresee myself picking that up in the near futureeeee then we can have more common interests yayyyy *_*

That's a very interesting viewpoint! XD and nah, I'm not as confident as I look orz it's just a lot of false bravado, I'm thankful my fear didn't show. and you don't suck badly at talking about yours! o: I saw you explaining to some people and it was good! Don't worry bb ♥ quite inversely, I always admire how you're able to speak up in class so freely, while I'm stuck in my thoughts so much that by the time I finish analysing it in my head, the moment is over. orz

AAAAA I'M SO HAPPY ;____; (CLINGS TO YOU) omg this year was really hell :| :| I wake up everyday and thank a god out there for my existence and that I actually managed to finished all my questions in my exams OTL OTL (keep getting nightmares about not being able to finish and having to beg the examiners to let me finish O_O)

This is random but HAVE YOU WATCHED MYSTERY SIX YET? Cause I'm a total wimp and daren't watch it alone as;dflkajsdf
printedapples: geng!printedapples on December 12th, 2011 06:50 am (UTC)
omg okay you have to excuse me and my habit of missing comment replies OTL

I HAVENT WATCHED MYSTERY SIX but apparently it's not scary at all so dont worry LOL
b e l ♛ciette on December 12th, 2011 06:58 am (UTC)
hahaha it's okai!
REALLY? LOL i was looking for someone to watch it with!! cause I watched the first few minutes of it and I got scared already :| (i asked fu about it and she got scared too XDDD) I need to be less wimpy!
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krissie。: pic#113121908krissified on December 7th, 2011 01:31 am (UTC)
Welcome back, jiejie!

I'm so glad for you now that your As are over and everything. It's just the horrible 6 months (or so??) wait for results + acceptance into university now, isn't it? Nonetheless i hope you enjoy your well deserved break!! ; 3 ; ;; It's been a lonely few months without you!

UWAHHHHHHHH those food look delicious. I wish i knew where i can find food like those in Toronto without them being too expensive. I found a cake shop downtown with the most delicious looking cakes but oh my god, one tiny piece would cost me around 7/8 dollars. ):

Your art looks really amazing! I think you have definitely improved over the years -- even if you may not see so yourself. I wish i could see the details that you've put into the works, though. ): Did you get to keep your actual printed ones? o:

Again, hope you get good results! I'm surprised though, why did you take the SATs? It's not required in Singapore, is it? Or are you planning to apply to a US school? And how was the SATs anyway? ;;
b e l ♛: smile / it's been a long nightciette on December 7th, 2011 02:11 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad to be back, my dear meimei!
I definitely will! ♥ nothing can beat the most horrific 11 months before, a little waiting is no problemo to me! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ I've been keeping you in my thoughts and worrying about you during these months away too, my lovely! So glad to be able to talk to you like this again ♥

Oh gosh, I know exactly what you mean. There's a similar small Japanese cakery in town - the Mont Blanc is heavenly but it costs nearly 10$. TT A TT Talk about extravagant! Do you happen to have Mos Burger outlets in Toronto? The Hokkaido milk ice cream is actually very similar to the one above, so it'll make for a great cheap alternative! Krissu next time you come down to Singapore, I'll go with you! * A * omnomnomnom

Aw man, you're too sweet. Thank you ; A ; ♥ It really heartens me to hear words like that! If you're interested, I can try to upload bigger versions elsewhere! And sadly, no! ;_; Because the printing was funded by the school, by right, all my works belong to the school now. Thank goodness for soft copies because of my medium. \o/

Oh, it definitely isn't! I'm applying to a couple of US schools though orz it's unlikely I'll be able to go there because of the cost, in addition to the low chances of getting accepted to those schools in the first place. orz SATs was um, okayish, given that I only had 2 days to study after my last A-levels exam. D: Not so cool though, I still had insomnia before and worse still, my period during the exam itself! ∑(O_O;) definitely not as planned, my hands were cold and I was slightly giddy from the second half on. But hopefully, that shouldn't affect my grades too much. @_@ /wishful thinking
krissie。: pic#112534393krissified on December 7th, 2011 05:34 pm (UTC)
♥ !
I bet these six months will pass by quickly though! Thank you ;///;

Umm i think we might have? I don't really know since i don't eat fast food often. But the thing about this is -- different regions of the world have different menus. So something that's in Singapore might not necessarily be in Toronto. Uwahh yes, that'd be nice! ;;

Ohh please do! Or maybe just pick some parts of the paintings to show the details? That would be nice too! * ____ * Aww, that sucks, but still -- it must have felt so amazing to see the paintings printed out, even if you only got to be with them for a short while ;;

Ahhh, keep your heads up! Although if it was an art school, they shouldn't look at your SAT scores as much. They'll require a portfolio and maybe interviews though. And for cost... orz well, scholarships and maybe part time jobs? Although art is already a costly medium hahaha ;; I hope you did well on your SATs, nonethless! ;;
b e l ♛: iyaaaaan / gin-san is so embarrassed!ciette on December 9th, 2011 04:03 pm (UTC)
Hmmm that's very true! Hopefully they have some classics that are distributed everywhere! ... though, it's good to keep away from fastfood. XD Man, you have good tolerance. When I go out with my friends, it's pretty inevitable that we wind up eating fastfood which is relatively cheaper. orz unhealthy unhealthyyyyy

Hehehe okay, it's my honour that you want to look at them closely! > < I've uploaded them here! Sorry, I had to scale it down a lot and use jpeg compression (I usually use .tif for viewing/printing) so it might not look that good, ahhh stupid file upload limitations. But hopefully it should still be big enough to see the details!
Yes, definitely! I went back to take pictures of my setup today for my art portfolio and a;lsdkjfas I want them at home!! >(

Yep, you've got that right! Art schools only look at SAT Reasoning, and definitely the portfolio! If I can secure an interview, I will cry rivers lakjdfas hahaha. Sadly most scholarships here offer only partial subsidies, and this is without inclusion of living cost which is really high in US too... but I'm not going to give up hope! o/ Hey I know what you mean! Here I was thinking that digital was a cheaper medium, then came printing and framing... XDDD
catch the rainbow: [jojo] miles to go before i sleepdijeh on December 9th, 2011 06:52 pm (UTC)
Those dessert photos..! How do you guys manage to make them look so good, I've never been able to take a decent looking photo and modify it to look marginally appealing. AAagh, I'm craving some ice-cream now.

Reading again about all the school pain you had to go through...Man. Have a hug. At least it's over now AND YOUR ART EXHIBITION DUDE CONGRATS AGAIN. That's a great opportunity to make a name for yourself and I'm glad you got it! And those paintings...so neat! I love the colours and the perspectives in the first and fourth ones are great. Also, hellooo, Mr.Horseman. You've got plenty of great ideas, so take advantage of them and forget about conventions. If not even art is about expressing yourself, then what is?

Shut up, I am here to talk about fandom and nerdy stuff. If you think you're alone, then you should see my posts..All wind and tumbleweeds. And I don't know how to make new friends so eeeeh Anyway! I love Gintoki too. How could you even think he was a useless oyaji, shame on you, Dora. Hibari as in KHR's Hibari, right? He's always been one of my favourites. I don't know why exactly he's the most popular character, but I really liked his style. Not the SILENT BADASS FUCK YEAH part, but the indestructible calm one. And then the little things, like Hibird, his allergy to sakura, his love for solitude and his ability to make a gang of delinquents his subordinates even though he was, like, half their size. Did he ever get a backstory or some insight? I feel that Amano only wanted to make him the cool lone wolf with a quirk and it's a pity, really.

...why am I writing essays about a character I haven't thought of for years

P.S. Don't starve yourself in order to lose weight, it's the worst method one could think of. Just have small but regular meals, drink lots of water and exercise.
b e l ♛: recreate / the presence beside meciette on December 12th, 2011 06:19 am (UTC)
Ehehehe the secret to it is... lots of cropping and colour/contrast manipulation! You're a great icon-maker (though I doubt you have time these days to do graphics as much as before anymore D":) so it'll be easy for you too ♥

Aw man, thanks Ayumu my man. ; A ; I'm so glad I made it through in one piece too! a;slkdjfa thanks my lovely, I realise it's one thing to be skilled at art, but gosh, all the famous contemporary artists seem to prioritise originality and thwarting convention over skill itself which is troll-like but rather interesting. I'll work towards mastering both (someday) as well! (`Д´)ノ

(MAKES GRABBY HANDS) MY FANDOM FRIEND!! Hey I know what you mean; I bet if this post wasn't about RL and about solely fandom, I would get similar responses. orz H-hey, I want to know too! ; A ; man, two years ago when I was into anime, my main interest was young boys in shorts and high socks -- which probably explains why I was so into Rolo at that time (apart from the fact that he tugged at my heartstrings). I even thought Sugita's voice sounded kinda boring - imagine that! Then this year, Gintoki just got a lot cooler. :| :| Damn. No wonder females form Japan rank him as the number one character they want as a husband (though... if they want to live a rather impoverished life. LOL).
Oh, I think I'm liking him now for these exact reasons! I mean, he's cool and all but... it's these small details that make him so adorable. Did you watch that episode/chapter in the TYL arc when he met his hedgehog box weapon for the first time? I found is exceedingly adorable that he wanted to touch/pat it (though he wound up getting hurt instead) - so much for hating small animals, haha. AND I AGREE WITH YOU ENTIRELY ABOUT THE LACK OF BACKSTORY. That's the main reason I could only see him as a rather two-dimensional character before, when I wasn't paying too much attention tho these small quirks - the lone wolf character is too overdone, and he needs more development to stand out. orz like... does he even have parents does he live in school what happened when he was younger /random

IT'S BECAUSE FANDOM DOES THINGS TO PEOPLE ♥ Man! I haven't spoken to anyone about fandom like this for ages. Let's talk more about various fandoms in future too ♥ and what happened to our animu watching plans? ehehehe.

OTL Yes mum. I've started jumping rope to exercise and yes, I think my determination is too low to actually imitate an ano and starve. @_@ food shall be eaten!
catch the rainbow: [persona 2] haters gonna hatedijeh on December 15th, 2011 09:23 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the late reply!
Haha, yup, I've tried that before and it looked like shit but OH WELL seems I've lost my incredible talent lol. I'm kind of done with making icons too, except for, well, myself. (and you if you ever want one!)

It's kind of funny how things change, don't you think? First you've got people following a certain style, then everyone preaches following your own style, which in turn becomes some sort of common practice. dat irony mon dat irony
Um, sorry, had a Lit seminar today and it made me ramble a lot...

I have an irrational dislike for socks, shorts and feet, hahaha, with the exception of thigh-highs. But, anyway, I've always been the type to gravitate towards the more mature (age and personality-wise) characters. I don't know why. I mean, yeah, sure, I'm not attracted solely to that kind of characters, it would get dull really fast, but still. How could you hate his voice, man, especially when he gets desperate! Although...number one husband..nope. He'd be an awesome bro or uncle though. I don't think any of the Gintama guys would make good husbands actually. Maybe Hijikata, but he's kind of really really really job-oriented, so yeah no. And I'm biased anyway, heh.
I think? I don't remember, I don't think I've touched anything Reborn in about three years. If it was the TYL arc then maybe. Wait are you telling me he still hasn't gotten a backstory what is this madness Amano snap out of it

Yes, we should! I've only discussed with people on other boards, but it's not the same. Our plans, yes, I was going to ask you the same thing. I doubt I'll be too busy this holiday (or maybe it's just wishful thinking idk). When are you free?

Good child. Hahaha well you can always actually forget to eat, like I do, and then get slowly and painfully consumed by hunger because you forgot to bring food with you.
b e l ♛ciette on December 17th, 2011 02:00 pm (UTC)
aye, it's no problem, mate!
oh you, thanks Ayumu!! ♥ haha at some point i did want to get into graphic making, but i never had enough dedication because... i'm not that community-oriented ohohoho. kudos to you.

Exactly!! Not to mention, when someone starts a radically new style, most people would reject it at firs.t I mean hey, wasn't that what you said? Oh well, we're all walking contradictions.
No sweat, dude! It's actually interesting to talk to you like that 8D ehehe.

I know what you mean. It took me a little too long to start liking such mature characters - though I think it was partly because many main characters were really popular, which led me to think they were overrated. (I mean, Naruto was a small boy and I never liked him much) HAHA YES I AGREE, since Sorachi pretty much screwed all of them up in one way or another for the genre, heh. Though I would like to see a Gin in love sometime. I just... can't see it happening. That guy seems plenty hormonal (maybe not as much as Shinpachi but still) but I just can't seem to visualise him in a relationship with anyone, though not quite asexual. But Hijikata would be wonderful, I think! judging from how adorable he was in the Mitsuba arc. XD but yes about the workaholic thing, that'll drive most people crazy. xD
i'm still watching it really slowly, about two mini arcs from then? but as of now, NO BACKSTORY. I agree with it, c'mon fans, spam her with fanletters and demand for one. D:

hehe ♥ that's great! Hmm I'm free for all of next week (except Monday atm), and my nights are usually free! From about 10 pm onwards... which is about 4 pm there I think? o: how's your schedule like?

... Ayumu that isn't good >8 you're skinny enough as it is! It's always good to bring a snackbar or something around~ SHALL I PREPARE BENTO FOR YOU EVERYDAY
catch the rainbow: [gintama] nai nai zettai naidijeh on December 17th, 2011 04:45 pm (UTC)
Dude you have no idea how retardedly nervous I was before making my first community post. Then I kind of started liking posting stuff on the 00 comm and getting attention, but now that I look back on it..meh. I wish I could draw, I've got so many ideas swimming in my head and I just can't externalise them at all. FRUSTRATING.

Oh god I fucking hate Naruto if I see his face one more time I'll just I'LL JUST
But yes, main characters tend to be overrated because most of them are everything teenage boys/girls want to be and this gets old really fast. Wish fulfillment at its finest. Lol yeah, I wanted to say Katsura at first, but the man is basically socially impared, so no. I think Gin is more like the one night stand type of guy? I can't see him getting settled and all that jazz. Maybe an on-and-off, friends with benefits kind of relationship...I think he's got mad chemistry with Tae (the umbrella scene!!) and Tsukuyo (when he rescued her from Jiraiya, ah, that whole episode was beautiful), but I just can't..see him with anyone. It's weird, man. Yes, oh god, Mitsuba's arc, my favourite Gintama arc and the one I'll probably rewatch a couple of years from now because TEARS SO MANY TEARS. Those were the exact episodes I had in mind when I mentioned him, especially the part where he fights all those guys and almost gets himself killed. Reminded me a lot of Spike from Cowboy Bebop. (I don't think you've seen it? Watch the show, it's great)
Nah, man, fangirls won't care as long as he's pretty, dangerous and can get shipped with Dino/Mukuro/Tsuna/etc

Well now, Tuesday will be my last day of school, so we're great! And you got the time difference right, six hours it is. Now I need to download Kuroshit ok

Naw, man, that's only happened two days in a row, I'm actually trying to have a tight eating schedule now. A small snack every three or so hours, mostly because of my stomach (being skinny is no problem lol)
And prease be my kawaii waifu who makes bentou for me every day \(◕ ◡ ◕\)
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numbuh_009numbuh_009 on December 14th, 2011 09:55 pm (UTC)
HIHIHI! So good to see you back! I didn't realize how much I talked to you on Twitter until you were gone and I pretty much didn't tweet for the past 2 months XD

Happy late birthday (I'm so sorry I missed it ;A;)~ I'm sorry to hear that you were sick. Hope you're feeling better (especially with your exams done and over with)! Holy smokes, those desserts look heavenly. Temptation to buy a one way ticket to Singapore: rising. Did you take those photos yourself? Duuude, if you become a food photographer, can I be your "assistant" (aka along for the free food)?

Words cannot explain how amazed I am by your art ;~; The details are amazing. I especially love the first two. Seriously, you are the most artistically talented person I have the fortune of knowing. I know what you mean when you say you're afraid of hating art when it becomes an obligation so I'm glad it hasn't become that for you. Are you still planning to apply to school over here?

Ah, so glad that you're done with your exams. But don't you dare go on a starvation diet D:< Good to have you back; I missed you lots \o/ <3
b e l ♛ciette on December 15th, 2011 06:37 pm (UTC)
HEYHEYHEYHEY!!! HAHAHA oh you ♥ you qt! I didn't realise how much time I spent on Twitter as well - I really started missing our 30+ tweets conversations ; A ; about SUJUSUJUSUJUUUU.

Oh no, it's okay! It was very early in the year, I'm not sure if I had even met you then yet! XD I was just way too busy to update anything about it at all, so don't feel bad! Yes yes, you can house at my home as long as you like, free of charge ♥ in exchange, you can be my suju fangirling partner forever as I hold you captive here, hur hur hur (shot) Ehehe I can foresee myself putting on lots of weight should I truly pursue that passion so COME ALONG MY NEW ASSISTANT HELP ME EAT THE FOOD SO I DON'T GET FAT but oh wait i has no moneys

oh gosh, that's the hugest compliment i've ever received! (*≧▽≦) ♥ you really flatter me, thank you so much! yes, i'm applying to three/four schools over at the US! ^ ^ but in view of my financial situation and the bad global economy, i might still have to stay here even if i did get in > < but it's okay, i know i tried my best!

i won't, bb! for the past few days, i found my determination slowly slipping ; A ; though i'll be exercising more to hopefully make up for it! I MISSED YOU TOO, I'M COUNTING ON YOU TO PULL ME BACK INTO SUJU FANDOM I'M SLIPPING AWAYYYYY /reaches out for you
numbuh_009numbuh_009 on December 17th, 2011 01:16 am (UTC)
I definitely missed my SuJu tweet spam buddy ;A;

No captive holding needed if you feed me! *wags tail* Sign me right up!

Are you going to apply to any in California? :O Aww, but do you guys have an international exchange program for third years? I hope you get a chance to go to the school you want! (I don't know how much it would help, but apply to a gazillion scholarships ;~;)

Exercising is infinitely healthier! *could use some myself* OH NOES, DON'T SLIP AWAAAAY! *pulls you back in* Flail over the derpy awesome that is EunHae's duet! And have you seen Oops! from SS4?
b e l ♛ciette on December 17th, 2011 02:18 pm (UTC)
Oh!!! One of the top two schools I really wanna get in is in Cali! Art Center College of Design, have you heard of it? ^ ^ I think Digipen, one of the local schools I favour, has an exchange in their final year at its US campus in Washington! YES YES I'm going to go crazy applying for scholarships! And it seems I should probably apply for some internships this holiday, but on the other hand, I really just wanna stay home to draw and practice more. But ah~

Skip with me!! I hate going down to the dingy gym my condominium or the park, so I just wind up skipping in my room. orz Did you watch Dream High? I BELIEVE IN PILSOOK'S DIET /o/ YES YES is it the one on the SMTown youtube channel? I have to say my favourite part of the song is still Hyukkie's rap, and when Siwon jumps out ehehehe ♥ ♥ Hyukkie's rapping skillz are alkdjfasf
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